As an integral part of the Our Ocean Conference, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Sustainable Ocean Alliance will co-host the third Our Ocean, Our Legacy Youth Leadership Summit, which will take place on October 29-30, 2018 in Bali!

Our Ocean 2018: Our Ocean, Our Legacy

Our Ocean Conference 2018 will convene participants from countries across the globe to ensure diverse perspectives from various stakeholders, including governments, commercial sectors, financing entities, scientific communities, civil society organizations, and young leaders. Heads of States, Ministers, and champions from various backgrounds will also be invited to influence concrete and actionable commitments to preserve the oceans' health. Our Ocean, Our Legacy will be the theme of this year's Our Ocean Conference, as it reflects our choices and actions to maintain the sustainability of our oceans' resources and to preserve our ocean's health, as a heritage presented for our children and grandchildren.

Our Ocean, Our Legacy Youth Leadership Summit

The youth summit will draw high-level ocean leaders, who will interact with student participants, facilitate breakout sessions, and provide youth with insights for their ocean projects and commitments. Additionally, youth leaders will have the opportunity to join the main conference on the 2nd day of the event.

Approximately 200 youth leaders from countries worldwide will be selected to participate in the third Our Ocean, Our Legacy Youth Leadership Summit. Participants will be responsible for their travel and accommodation expenses*.

Benefits of attending:

1/ Become an #SOAYouthLeader and join our global community represented in over 50 countries
2/ Network with 500+ policymakers, corporate leaders, heads of international organizations, foundations, and NGOs
3/ Receive mentorship and develop your professional skill sets by learning from business, government, and science experts
4/ Discover the unique challenges facing Bali and learn how the local community is addressing them
5/ Meet with entrepreneurs who are building scalable ocean startups to help protect and sustain our ocean

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*Scholarships to cover travel expenses may become available and we encourage all interested candidates to apply. Application closes Friday, July 6th at 11:59 pm PST.

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