Accelerator Frequently Asked Questions

Does SOA provide startups with funding?

Upon acceptance into the accelerator, startups receive initial investment in order to help cover the costs of relocation to San Francisco for the duration of the 8-week accelerator program.

Does SOA take equity in startups?

Yes, we provide funding to startups in exchange for equity.

Is there a fee to join the SOA accelerator program?

No, SOA is funded through sponsorships so that we can provide support to startups at no additional cost.

What kind of support can I expect to receive during the program?

Throughout the program, startups receive guidance from SOA’s community as they engage with mentors, partners, and investors to achieve their goals. The accelerator will also present founders with a rigorous curriculum that encourages personal development and executive training.

What kind of startups does SOA accept into the accelerator program?

The ocean is under unprecedented pressure - depleted fisheries, plastic pollution, habitat destruction, and a variety of human activities threaten the economic vitality and ecological stability of the ocean. SOA works with for-profit startups building scalable solutions to meet these ocean challenges.

Do I have to attend the full 8-week program in San Francisco?

Yes, at least one member from the founding team must be present for the 8-week accelerator program. The program features a curriculum designed to take your company to the next level and is required. However, SOA will provide an initial investment to cover relocation costs.

Do I have to be from the United States to apply?

No, the ocean’s challenges are global problems and we are looking for entrepreneurs from all around the world to join our program.

Does SOA provide startups with office space?

Yes, SOA will provide office space in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 8-week accelerator program.

Do I have to be a member of the SOA Youth Leader community to apply?

No, we encourage everyone to apply. You will be required to join the SOA community upon acceptance into the program.