SOA Ambassadors of Asia


Suneha Jagannathan


Experiential Conservation Education in Urban Landscapes in India

I plan to start a social enterprise working in urban schools with a long-term experiential curriculum on environmental education, with focus on local ecosystems, involving local stakeholders such as researchers, fisher folk and local artists. My goal is to imbibe environmental consciousness in school children, while at the same time providing opportunities for on-site experience for university students interested in the field of conservation. I plan to initiate a pilot project in Chennai, India and implement the curriculum across cities in India.

Ashani Arulananthan

Sri Lanka

A Baseline Survey of Coral Reefs and Genetic Diversity Analysis of Coral Species in Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka

I aim to identify and map the distribution pattern of coral reefs, recognize the percentage of benthic cover types, identify the coral species by morphological and molecular taxonomic methods along the northern coast line and around the islands of Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka. Distribution of coral reefs and genetic diversity of corals in Jaffna Peninsula will provide the adequate ecological and molecular facts which can be used to protecting, monitoring, conserving and restoration of corals which are in the vulnerable condition.