Boston University
Massachusetts, USA



This spring Boston University Sustainable Ocean Alliance will be launching the strawless BU campaign. During  launch week, they will offer paper straws and petition BU administrators to remove both plastic and compostables straws from campus. The BU chapter has been ardently working with BU Dining Services in order to ensure the success of the campaign. In addition, they have partnered with a BU communications professor who has focused her public advocacy class around this strawless initiative. The class has created a website that will act as the information resource during the campaign. In addition to this large endeavor, the BU chapter also hopes to partner with several other of BU's environmentally inclined clubs to organize a clean up of the Charles River, a landmark of their campus.

Taylor Mann


Taylor Mann is a sophomore at Boston University majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Public Health. She is interested in interweaving these fields by pursuing a career that coalesces these ideas, as well as her interest in government and politics.  Growing up in South Florida, Taylor frequently saw how the choices of a society can greatly impact the wellbeing of marine life and our oceans. In the summer of 2017, Taylor interned with both her US Congressman, Ted Deutch, and US Senator, Marco Rubio, to gain a greater understand of the nation’s political system, particularly how decisions at the federal level impact the local wildlife and environment.  Given this opportunity, Taylor was able to connect her Congressman to the Lonely Whale foundation, with the intention that it could expand the foundation’s “strawless” ocean initiative to South Florida. Through the Sustainable Oceans Alliance, Taylor plans to expand the movement to the Boston area and facilitate a positive impact on the marine life and environment of the Eastern coast.