SOA Ambassadors of Europe


Martina Brancato


 A Plastic Sea Campaign

Activities, competitions, workshops and exhibitions for the hundreds students that every year come to visit the Aquarium are all related to the issue of litter and plastic. Clean ups and ocean-related events for citizens are organized. Collaborations with local and international NGOs help us to spread the voice! The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness among citizens about the issues affecting the Ocean. Informing and focusing on the youngest citizens give us a change to preserve our future and the future of our seas.

Antoine Bruge


THE RIVERINE INPUT PROJECT: Monitoring Litter Inputs from Rivers to the Marine En vironment

The Riverine Input Project contributes to our knowledge of aquatic litter sources and pathways, with the target of reducing the amount of litter entering our oceans. We sample several river catchments and beaches on a monthly basis to understand where the litter comes from and what we can do about it. The long-term application of this monitoring is a way forward to measure societal and behavioural changes as well as assess current and future legislative and regulatory measures effectiveness. It allows the improvement of waste management practices and help local and national stakeholders to take the right decision to move towards a plastic-free ocean.

Cosmin Chivu


Special efforts will be made to sustain an ocean-literate society in Malta through the establishment of codes of good practice, a toolbox for outreach actions, public campaigns and other ongoing community activities.The main aim of this project is to help remove the  psychological distance between citizens and the issues the oceans are facing. The overall concept of the project is that ocean literate citizens will take decisions and push for policies that lead to a healthier planet.

Jules Danto


EUROPEAN MARINE INFORMATION: Preventing vibriosis Infections of Fishes in Aquaculture Thanks to Satellite Remote Sensing

To develop a network about marine sciences to gather students and researchers interested in joint projects to bring innovative solutions for a sustainable resource development. To provide a new tool for cooperation and employment of youth in the marine field. By preventing vibriosis infections of fishes in aquaculture thanks to satellite remote sensing, European Marine Information aims at reducing the treatments in our water. Satellite remote sensing offers a new possibility to detect bacterial population growth and therefore adjust the use of antibiotics. This information could be integrated in a fish farming application with other climate information provided by Copernicus system.

Ludovica Di Renzo


Health Management, Systems and Biomonitoring Protocols of Cetaceans and Sea Turtles Stranded on the Adriatic Coast (Italy)

Conservation of marine biodiversity  and public health change depending on the area and populations present. First step is focused on monitoring of cetaceans an sea turtle of Adriatic Coast. Standardize routine examination is necessary for allow us to arrive at a definitely diagnosis, therapy or determination of the causes of death by enhancing connections along with existing research channels. The trends of major infectious and parasitic diseases will be evaluated by performing post-mortem examinations on stranded sea turtles and cetaceans and related diagnostic tests. The search for contaminants and microplastics in sampling of these animal makes known the environmental condition.  Diagnostic examinations with standard methods allow the study of broader data, for support to policy strategies, human health and conservation purposes.  The ultimate result is the formulation of health monitoring protocols, which, in addition to providing a clinical and diagnostic contribution, will complement the existing wild monitoring plan that currently does not include marine species, with the aim of extending this to national and European base.

Dennis Dorpmans


European Schools Love Our Ocean

To create a better educational platform from which to create awareness and understanding about the importance of our ocean. The creation of this platform will ensure better awareness among educational generations and provide a more progressive mindset in the students of today to improve the health of our oceans tomorrow.