Westlake High School:


Texas, USA



impact.gravitas (www.impactgravitas.org) is a youth organization focused on increasing awareness and developing collaborative solutions to the growing problem of ocean plastic pollution by limiting the use of single-use plastics.The mission is to create a comprehensive platform for solution generation to by starting a campaign to eliminate single-use plastics through the use of circular principles and bio-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics. 

Saanya Bhargava


Saanya Bhargava is junior at Westlake High School in Austin Texas. Saanya is a keen environmental activist and President and Founder of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Chapter impact.gravitas, a youth organization focused on increasing awareness and developing collaborative solutions to the growing problem of plastic pollution. She is a youth ambassador for the Plastic Pollution Coalition and the Lonely Whale foundation and leads work in her community against the use of single-use plastics. She has also been involved with FIRST Robotics program since her freshman year and is currently the Outreach co-lead for her school’s varsity FRC Robotics team. She is on the executive committee of SACOT (STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas) with a mission to give high school students a voice in their STEM education through political advocacy. Saanya was invited to be a speaker at the Change Makers panel at SXSW in March 2017 and was recognized by Teen Vogue as a global 21 Under 21 in December 2017.