SOA Ambassadors of Island Nations


Angelique Pouponneau


Layman’s Guide to the Blue Economy

The Blue Economy will bring countless opportunities but most people do not have an understanding of what it is and the opportunities that would be available in terms of jobs and enterprise. So this layman’s guide provides the answer in simple language with the use of photography. Create a publication available both in hard copy and an e-copy to ensure maximum reach. The aim is to reach 50 000 in readership. The host website will include a place for testimonials to share ideas after reading of the book.

Dilluna Rivera


Starting an Heirs To Our Oceans Chapter at Xavier High School

The Heirs To Our Oceans Chapter at Xavier High School plans to give presentations, to show movies, to have multiple community clean ups, and to recruit more students to join us in our fight for our Ocean. We will start a new Chapter. By showing movies, doing community clean ups, and giving presentations, students will be aware of what is happening to our ocean. They will be informed and  would hopefully want to learn more about it. This might contribute to their future careers and college major choices. We also believe it will move them to start an Ocean friendly lifestyle and join our Chapter.