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Are you interested in helping youth solve the ocean’s biggest problems? Become part of SOA's supportive ecosystem for our Youth Leaders: we are currently looking for those with a shared vision of engaging youth in ocean solutions to join our community.



SOA invites experienced members of our community to join our mentor program and provide guidance to our ocean entrepreneurs. The SOA mentor program provides the opportunity to work closely with the next generation of leaders in the ocean-tech space. Learn More!



SOA forms key partnerships with governments, consumer brands, ocean industries, technology corporations, and NGOs who are willing to embrace innovation in order to create a more sustainable future.
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SOA's community is the largest network of ocean youth leaders in the world, with members in over 50 countries! We challenge our community to create startups and initiatives that benefit the ocean. If you are interested in sponsoring SOA's community, programs and events, we would love to start that conversation.
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SOA features world-renowned speakers during workshops, lectures, and at global ocean conferences. If you would like to take the stage at one of SOA's upcoming events, we encourage you to get involved. Learn More!



We welcome investors to join our community and discover startups building innovations within the intersection of technology and ocean conservation.
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