SOA Ambassadors of North America

Guyon K Brenna


Reef Life Nano Materials Oceanic Infrastructure


From acreage reef installations using parametric modeling to deployments using kinematic wave action unit designs. Reef/ Ocean Farming Habitats attach to existing underwater structures, OR floating platform kelp and seaweed farming stations, bringing more life/revenues/opportunity to oceanic communities. Because the substrates and surfaces can be easily modified for site, species, temperatures, wave action, and ocean floor, the advanced capabilities for biodiverse farming are endless.

Mark Haver


I commit to promote awareness about environmental issues impacting the ocean, particularly affecting biodiversity. Social media campaigns and lobbying governments are effective means in getting the public to recognize individual organismal value. By getting people to care about animals such as the vaquita, the public invests more interest in oceanic issues, which, in turn, creates a positive feedback loop. The goal of this project is reducing the number of organisms with the status of critically endangered.

Sarah Poulin


Migratory Connectivity in the High Seas: Creating Migration Corridors for Seabirds in the North Pacific

Compilation of large aggregations of seabird tracking data throughout the North Pacific High Seas to establish geospatial “nodes” and “migration corridors” for these species in areas beyond national jurisdiction. The creation of these corridors will aid in marine spatial planning efforts in areas beyond national jurisdiction and help to spatially display the potential for interactions with anthropogenic actions, such as fisheries or marine pollution, and create further evidence for protection of these open ocean areas.