Our Ocean Youth Summit

October 5-6, 2017

100 young leaders from 50 different countries gathered in Malta to propose solutions to guarantee the well-being of our ocean.

The Sustainable Ocean Alliance partnered with the European Union to co-host the Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit and gave the next generation of political leaders, entrepreneurs and scientists the opportunity to share their  fresh perspectives towards protecting and sustaining our ocean.

The theme of this year's summit was based on "implementing solutions." Our speakers and  youth leaders recognize the threats facing our ocean- however, they focused instead on discussing promising solutions and strategies, and developing tools they will use to advance their work in ocean conservation.

With break-out sessions, workshops, and interactive speeches from global representatives, our youth leaders were given opportunities to gain valuable advice and guidance from ocean experts, develop leadership and networking skills, and collaborate with other ambitious leaders to begin driving their sustainability projects.

Some of our most notable speakers included Film Director and ocean activist Celine Cousteau, Actor and activist Adrian Grenier, Her Deepness Sylvia Earle and EU Commissioner Karmenu Vella. On the second day, Our youth leaders were granted the one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the Our Ocean Conference and meet with heads of state, business representatives, NGOs and other high-level stakeholders to commit to impactful actions for the conservation and sustainable use of the world’s oceans.

The summit ignited a movement pushing for active youth involvement in the conversation regarding the future of our ocean. Through this parallel event to the Our Ocean Conference, SOA was able to provide the next generation a platform to voice their innovative solutions to critical ocean issues.

We are so thrilled to see SOA's vision of giving youth a voice in advocacy and global change come to life through this year's summit. Our youth leaders' zealous attitudes and intent focus on finding solutions was an incredible reminder that there is still so much hope for the future of our ocean.


To learn more about the Our Ocean Conference, visit the official website.

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