Our Ocean Youth Summit, Malta 2017

The Sustainable Ocean Alliance partnered with the European Union to co-host the Our Ocean Youth Summit and gave 100 youth leaders from 50 different countries the opportunity to share their  fresh perspectives towards protecting and sustaining our ocean.

Our Ocean Youth Summit

Third Annual Summit,

The Third Annual Summit was a huge success, with keynote speakers including Dr. Enric Sala, Dr. Greg Stone, and Dr. Paul Bunje (above). See more information: including speaker bios, a detilaed agenda, art displays, and sponors.

Third Annual Summit

Our Ocean, One Future, 2016

We partnered with the US Department of State for our most recent event, which engaged the next generation of political leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and civil society to identify solutions to protect our ocean.

Our Ocean, One Future

Second Annual Summit, 2016

Our second Sustainable Oceans Summit took place on April 2, 2016. Through inviting policy-makers, researchers, activists, and business leaders we created a platform for collaboration in efforts to combat the threats our oceans face.

Second Annual Summit

Inaugural Summit,

Our inaugural summit, which took place on April 25, 2015, was the first student-led summit by SOA. Bringing together high-level interantional leaders and committed students led to increased awareness and actionable commitments to improve ocean health.

Inaugural Summit