SOA partners with global consumer brands, NGOs, governments, and high-tech corporations that share SOA's vision for a more sustainable future through inspiring youth, cultivating leaders and accelerating solutions. Our organization presents the ability for partners to connect and engage with the next generation of diverse young leaders in person and at global ocean events or online via important awareness campaigns. SOA is also seeking more partners that wish to share their time, resources, and knowledge with our young ocean entrepreneurs during the accelerator program. For more information about upcoming partnership opportunities with SOA, please inquire below.

Our Partners

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European Union

The European Union and SOA partnered in 2017 to co-host the Our Ocean Youth Summit, a parallel event to the Our Ocean Conference in Malta.

U.S. Department of State

The U.S. Dept of State and SOA partnered in 2016 to co-host the Our Ocean One Future Leadership Summit, a parallel event to the Our Ocean Conference in Washington D.C.

The Economist Events

The Economist Events and SOA have partnered to bring 15 SOA Youth Leaders to the Economist World Ocean Summit March 7th-9th, 2018 in Riviera Maya, Mexico.


We Are The Oceans

At the Third Annual Sustainable Oceans Summit in April 2017, WATO launched The Big Catch, a game designed to educated players of ocean pollution and the threats facing the vaquita. Click Image for link to the game.

Lonely Whale Foundation

The Lonely Whale and SOA have begun a #stopsucking campaign across college campuses to get students and universities to commit to not using plastic. Click Image for link to their ongoing campaign.

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 New Digital Concept

New Digital Concept has supported SOA in our mission to engage and involve the next generation through our social media platforms. Through the development of ad campaigns, user-generated content, and a framework to amplify the experiences of SOA youth, NDC has leveraged SOA and in doing so, the voices of the next leaders in ocean sustainability. Their consulting has enabled SOA to give youth a social media platform and join the conversation regarding the protection of our ocean.

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