SOA Ambassadors of South America


Fidel Rodriguez


The Importance of the River Ecosystem and Their Link to Oceans – The Danube Basin River Hungary

A program of environmental education focus in rise awareness about the importance of the water ecosystem in the student community from our University. This environmental education program should have a impact inside of the student community from our University ,and also will be addressing issues produce by the anthropogenic food print , and how to mitigated this impacts, and solve this problems given the opportunity to the students to applied their knowledge, and creating innovative solutions. In this way will be contributing  to the conservation of the river ecosystem which flows to the oceans.   

José Wenceslau


Conservation of Sea Turtles in the South China Sea

Engagement on the conservation of sea turtles through international collaboration for the preservation of foraging and reproducing grounds; identification of migratory routes; and multilateral agreements on conservation policies. Safeguard effective conservation of sea turtles in all their habitats and life stages, prompting population growth and stability for the stocks of South China Sea and surrounding basins.