Ocean Solutions Accelerator Startups

Introducing the First Wave Cohort




ETAC INC, a Culiacan-based startup, designs and produces functional nanomaterials for energy and environmental applications, such as oil spill and wastewater cleanup.



LOLIWARE, a NYC-based startup, is the world’s first bioplastics company dedicated to replacing single-use plastics with hyper-compostable, edible materials derived from seaweed. LOLIWARE is revolutionizing the future of disposable plastics by making products designed to disappear.


SafetyNet Technologies, a London-based startup, is focused on improving sustainability in the commercial fishing industry. Current fishing processes and technologies can lead to the capture of the wrong species and ages of fish called bycatch. SafetyNet Tech aims to make the fishing industry smarter through the development of user-friendly electro-mechanical devices to reduce bycatch.



CalWave Power Technologies, Inc., local to the San Francisco Bay area, is developing a next-generation Wave Energy Converter to harness the vastly available, predictable and stable energy from ocean waves to serve coastal communities.


Sustainability Cloud is the world’s first waste-to-profit marketplace. We are disrupting the global waste management and recycling systems by matching waste to local profitable solutions and products. We are transforming the waste management sector into a recycling and remanufacturing industry. Our platform provides full transparency by tracking the material from its source into the end product, enabling certification of material flows and adding trust provenance to materials. No more green washing.



The Ocean Solutions Gala will act as SOA's Demo Day- to request an invitation, e-mail gala@soalliance.org

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