University of Maryland
Maryland, USA



The UMD chapter works towards the desired outcome of a more educated community on the negative effects of plastic pollution (both environmentally and human health related). The SOA chapter plans to achieve this goal by attracting driven members, planning events, and promoting a new social norm of refusing plastic products. Currently, SOAUMD is in the middle of a campaign to ban plastic straws on campus. They are reaching out to the larger corporations on campus through spendrise campaigns, making the oceans famous through the screening of A Plastic Ocean, and handing out promotional items such as reusable straws to promote a zero waste lifestyle. 

Lillian Wessel


Lillian Wessel is an Environmental Science and Policy and Spanish Language double major at the University of Maryland. At the young age of 5, Lillian was enrolled in a Spanish immersion school in which she spoke Spanish as her main language for seven years. She is the president of the UMD Sustainable Ocean Alliance chapter, and is kickstarting a campaign to ban plastic straws campus-wide. She hopes to combine her passion for the Spanish language and sustainability, to travel to Latin American countries to make environmental education available to all. She hopes to accomplish big wins for the ocean and for the future of our environment through advocacy and action within her university and beyond.


Nafi Mondal

Vice President

Nafi Mondal is an Environmental Science and Technology major and Computer Science minor at the University of Maryland. He is passionate about music, science, and the environment. He cares deeply about the current state of the world's environment, and wants to do whatever he can to help solve the complex issues associated with it.